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What is Admittedly?

We’re a group of college counselors and test prep instructors who agree that students in all places regardless of income should have access to the same kickass college advice and test prep that some students pay $200+ per hour for. This is why we’ve created a free platform to help you navigate all things college prep and improve your chances of getting accepted to your dream school.

Our 4-Phase Program:

1. Personality Discovery

You’ll take fun personality quizzes to help you identify the ideal types of colleges for you.

2. School Discovery

You’ll then get to check out custom school sets based on your personality profile and academic background, and can save schools you like to your profile.

3. Advice

You can learn from over 200 free lessons that we’ve created to learn how to improve your chances on topics ranging from how many times to take the SAT to what not to write your college essay about.

4. Test Prep

We offer ACT and SAT prep courses 6 times a year. They are 8-week programs that lead right up to test day. Each course consists of  daily emails guiding you through exactly what you need to do each day (along with some memes, gifs, and vids to help you stay motivated).

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Let us help you get accepted to your dream school.


Don’t just take our word for it

“I improved my score over 5 points on the ACT. Admittedly’s emails kept me in it and made the ACT prep struggle just a little bit easier to handle.”

Liam K

Friends Academy

“I use the admittedly app almost every day, I personally love the personality quizzes. The lessons are so easy to get valuable information that you would never get from the internet or anywhere else.”



Are you a Parent or School Counselor?

We created Admittedly specifically for students and all our messaging is targeted at a high school student audience. You are more than welcome to create an account as you’ll probably find a lot of our lessons beneficial as well. Interested in learning more?

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